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Kianco Environmental Engineering Projects


Environmental engineers are concerned with assessing and managing the effects of human and other activity on the natural and built environment. Kianco Environmental affiliates apply their knowledge and skills to such things as environmental impact assessment, natural resources management and pollution control. Kianco Environmental Engineering performs the following tasks:

  • research and develop new technologies and techniques to improve the environmental acceptability of engineering projects

  • evaluate environmental and social impacts of engineering projects in association with the public, scientists and other engineers

  • design and operate processes to treat wastes to a standard acceptable for discharge and/or recycling, e.g. waste water treatment or waste solidification

  • work with occupational health experts to ensure a hazard-free working environment

  • prepare reports and studies on the best approach to environmental management in new and existing engineering projects, taking into account environmentally sustainable economic activity and legal, environmental and industrial factors

  • effectively communicate relevant issues to other technical staff, managers, regulatory authorities, public interest groups and the public.

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